Saturday, 23 April 2011

Baking a Blog

My new adventure is to bake a blog.  I've dabbled in blogging before but not about baking.  Baking is my escape.  Reading cookery books is one of my favourite pastimes.  I love the indulgence of creating a really sweet, naughty treat and then giving it away to people whose opinion I care about. I love getting cake from my friends and baking with a big glass of wine.
My plan is to write about what I bake with some pretty pictures, discuss ideas, friends cakes and any other cakey and bakey things that grab my attention.
My recent cakey highs and lows involved flopsy brownie cupcakes that tasted amazing but looked like cow pats, a luminescent rainbow cake covered in white butter cream and sprinkled with fairy dust glitter, 

x-rated valentine cupcakes, and a heartbreakingly rich brownie (with marshmallows, amaretti biscuits and hazelnuts) born of a rather traumatic period in my life.
I'll write up some recipes and share them here.  Be kind while I'm learning though, I'm a newbie.


  1. Cow pat cake! Want! Keep blogging - this is going to be good, although I may take to licking my screen. Again.

  2. Don't be a screen licker Wombat! I am hoping Ed will take me some beautiful photos.

  3. Yay, welcome to the blogging fold, Hol.

  4. cool, very very cool, i'm following you with my marigolds on (can't bake but I will be your washing up slave.....)

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